10 October 2016

Top 4 Items to Be Hacked

Hi, Woozens!

Hackings have become a motif of the Woozworld lifestyle; occurring every few months when new items turn rare. They've been around for nearly three years, with its first "big" hack in 2013 with the duplication of the prom outfits. Some of the latest victims are the Ryan and Fresh outfits. Here are the top four predictions of what will be hacked next.

4. Off-the-shoulder PrepSTUNNER Top

This shirt features a choker which is popular among the girls. Even though the PrepSTUNNER Hair is not a well-liked choice, this top and its rebel hair counterpart are often paired together. Because of this, it's plain to see PrepSTUNNER Top will make the chart for DD's next strike.

3. VIP Nicole

VIP Nicole is the first VIP hair to be untransferable on the month of its release, which is a strong benefactor in going rare. Favored by SunSet916 and other well-known people, VIP Nicole is scarcely seen as few have achieved it. Once it goes transferable, however, it's obvious Nicole will be the next item to be hacked.

2. Unicute Hair with Horn

Although only in its first week of sales, Unicute managed to overthrow the sought-after Devilicious Hair by a landslide. Liked for its versatility in any outfit (Which Devilicious can't do), Unicute is a sure choice for the next hacking.

1. ReBeau Hair

This popular choice for guys is a definite must on DD's list. Sales blew up the week it went out, and it's projected to be worth even more in the coming weeks when it becomes transferable. A fan favorite and one of the few popular Rebel-Prep outfits, it's clear this hair is next.

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