23 October 2016

Esq is Transferable? Woozen's Opinions!

Hi everyone! It's paygon and today I got some woozen's opinions on esq becoming transferable as well as a few other questions. These woozens requested for their identity to be confidential. Let's begin!

Question 1: What do you think about esq's return?

Woozen 1: I think itll be a chance for everyone to get the item
Woozen 2: It's dumb because it wont be rare anymore
Woozen 3: I already have it so idc

Question 2: Is it a good idea to make it transferable?

Woozen 1: Yes
Woozen 2: nope
Woozen 3: yes and no. It might cause problems like last time.

Question 3: What would you like to see become transferable next?

Woozen 1: I've been waiting for Heartva Pigtails.
Woozen 2: Fall for me skirt
Woozen 3: A whole bunch of symbz so I can get rid of them

That's all the questions I asked. Of course, I shortened some of the responses to make this post short and sweet. Thanks for reading!