22 October 2016

Random Facts About me

Random Facts About Me.

Hi bunnies I know I have been really inactive. School and homework got me busy as ever so sorry about that. Anyway I realize that you guys dont know alot about me so I'm just gonna tell you a few facts about me. Here we gooooo!!!!

1. My favorite colors are anything pastel.
2. I have 2 cats and 1 dog.
3. I love cold fall weather.
4. My fave artist is Troye Sivan.
5. I love snails.
6. I currently have all a's which will probably not last for long.
7. I'm afraid of heights.
8. The only scary movie i can watch without having. nightmares for days is Carrie.
9. I'm obsessed with tumblr aesthetics.
10. I played woozworld ever since 2012 but I was 11 or something and I stopped for a while and made a new account.
11. I like discussing world problems.
12. I don't like hugs cause there awkward to me.

Ik these are pretty random but that's it for this post I'll try to post more often. I hope you all enjoyed. Pastelbunny out.