15 October 2016

DIY Halloween Costumes -- Part 2!

Hi everyone! It's paygon, and today I am going to be doing the part 2 of Halloween Costumes! Like last time, these looks consist of items you probably have or could get for cheap.

1.) "Modern" Angel
This one is pretty self explanatory. You must have the angel's corset or any clothing item with wings. Pair that with a modernized outfit (I used Esq hair, wns shorts, and enegrIZ runners) to complete the look!

2.) Princess
For this cute costume, you will need a fancy dress, long or short, a sparkly pair of heels, and any hair with a crown. I am wearing Promenade Dress, Saturnalia Heels, and Princess Cassandra Hair.

3.) Woozworld Oldie
This one is definitely one you won't see often! Simply go into your closet, scroll all the way to the bottom of each category, and make a bomb old outfit (What might be considered poor).

4.) Hippie/ Flower Child
To achieve this outfit, put on a hair with a flower crown, a lazy and chill shirt with a light jacket (optional), loose pants, and flip flops.

That's all I have for you guys today! Shanks for reading!

xoxo, Gossip Girl
I mean paygon C: