31 October 2016

πŸ‘» Woozworld Halloween Quiz Answers (2016) πŸ‘»

Hello, Woozens! AnimeLegend posting, and Happy Halloween! I don't celebrate Halloween myslef, but I hope you guys have a great time getting some free candy! Make sure to stay safe while going out trick-or-treating.

Today, Woozworld released a Halloween quiz. Most people might be outside at the moment, but for those who aren't going outside, it's a good occupation.

Here are your awaited answers:

And guess what? This time, they added an extra prize: a Blue Jelly Cake Foodie! Take a bit and see what happens...

That's it for this week! See you next time with any Quiz & Maze answers and Walkthroughs. And stay safe!

- AnimeLegend

*UPDATE - OCTOBRE 31 2016 (6:52 PM)*

For the Foodie, it can be any type of Foodie. I just realized that. Sorry in advance!