20 February 2017

Creating A Successful Woozworld Company // StarLightForEver

    Hey! Whats up you guys? I am back with another post. Today we will be speaking about creating a successful company in Woozworld. You can create a company such as cafe,modeling agency,Wooz Office,etc. I'm here to help you with those things if you are struggling with this or would like to begin a business. Lets get on with the post. <3



Obviously this is a very important topic. Try to be unique during this step. Yes, you can do modeling,cafes,regular Woozworld Businesses. But be creative and think outside the box. I haven't seen lots of photography or Woozworld newspapers. Think of what is original and what isn't. The name is also important. Maybe try a name in a different language rather than English.


This is also a very important topic aswell. Untiz are VERY IMPORTANT. Untiz are where your team gets to work and cooperate with eachother. Your team will also be important. This is what'll make your business special and make it grow. Try getting a team that will work and also be on time for anything significant.


Making events is a HUGE one. This is where you get to show people what you are capable of. If you do a good job on a event that means more people will go to your events and may sign up for your business. Also, have fun! You probably made this business to meet new people or at least have something to focus on. This is where you can make new friendships and work with all kinds of people in Woozworld.


  • Make a blog based on your company
  • Promote your company with fundraisers
  • Invite people to help you like your closest friends even though they may not participate in your company
  • Have confidence in every single event
  • Make large untiz if you can


So I hoped you enjoyed this post. I love working in businesses and blogs for Woozworld. It's very exciting and fun and it's just amazing on how many friends you can make and how much you can open up. This is pretty much it for this post. Ill see y'all later in the next post. BYEEEEEEEEEEE