10 February 2017

New Teddy Bear Unikz! What do they do?

Hey, Jessamyn here!

How are you all doing with the new Love-Bug thing? I had to Bug-proof my home! The password is a reference to my new favorite show! (If you get it, congrats xD)

A few new items have been spotted in the Shopz and Store recently-for example, the Teddy Bear Unikz that you can hold in your hand! I'm not sure what else they can do yet, but I'll definitely edit this post with an update when I find out.

As you can, see, you can buy two different colors for either Wooz or Beex! They look pretty expensive, so they probably have a really unique feature to them. There's also one available in the store which is brown and is holding a red heart. 
So far, though I don't know what their "Unikz" power is, they seem really cute!

A second item that's appeared in Shopz recently is the old Tent Unitz from long ago! It appeared for Wacky Wednesday and was on sale for just 120 Wooz in the Shopz before it went away. Even though Wacky Wednesday is only a one-day event, many new players got their hands on the originally rare tents. It might have been nice for newer members of the community, but the sale (and for such a cheap price) caused some drama around Woozworld because of how rare it was before-a special Unitz that only the oldest and most dedicated members had.
I wonder what Woozworld was thinking with that! :0

Hope you guys have a good night :)