18 February 2017

New Blogger // StarLightForEver

 Hey! Whats up you guys? YES! I am back and ready to type up some interesting things for you once again. I am so grateful to be back. Some things have changed since then so I am here to tell you about myself. Lets get on with the post.

     Whats my name: My name is Star/Crysti
     Favorite color: Blue or minty green
     Favorite food: Fries YUM
     How many states have I been to: about 8 or 9
     Race: Hispanic \(^-^)/
     What am I going to be typing most about: Fashion tips and Woozworld news
    Favorite animal: PIGS FTW
    Favorite singer: Lady Gaga <3
    Birthday: March 13
   Blogger status: Trial blogger

Those are pretty much all of the basic facts about me. I hope you liked this introduction. Hopefully you had a good first impression but if not that's A-OKAY. I cannot wait to post for you guys. I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve. So i'll see y'all in the next post. Byeeeee

-Signing off, Crysti Wooz ❣♥❣