05 February 2017

New Trial Blogger!

Hello everyone Policeofficersam here! I was just added today and per the usual I'm going to give you guys some information to know me better!

1. I am a former Woozguidez and I still help Woozens and Moderators!
2. I am in training to become an Emergency Medical Technician in real.
3. I won the speed skating state championships 2 years in a row.
4. I have tons of hobbies such as making music, skating, and gaming
5. My real name isn't Sam
6. I've played on Woozworld since Kidstudio 2.0!

Now that you guys know some more about me I'm going to give you all some info on the recent Moderator news and items news.

So I managed to get my hands on what appears to be a dollhouse, a Mansion and doors without textures. I'm not sure what they are or what their planned purpose is but I'm made some guesses as to what they may be. But if you guys think of something else comment it!

1. The dollhouse: I have heard some people talk about a famous artist named Melanie Martinez and I've heard of them mention one of her songs titled "Dollhouse" So maybe Melanie will be coming to Woozworld???

2. The mansion: This mansion when I look at it reminds me of Rome or an old Catholic church... So I'm not too sure where this may be going but I speculate it may involve something with another event that would be similar to the past Eventz like the one where we had to go to Nepal, Italy, etc.

3. Untextured doors: Now this one has me really stumped and I'm not sure what it could be. I myself have never seen an item untextured like this but who knows. I couldn't think of anything so I'm asking you guys for your ideas!

Well that is all I got for this week, If anything else pops up I will inform you all!
Until next time!