02 March 2016

Review of New Store Outfits

  "Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered" - Giorgio Armani

Hello again my stylish readers! Woohoo! A blog finally on time! Since iv'e been so busy i will probably be posting twice a week for a little bit.. It will depend on what days i'm busy if Style 101 or trending outfits gets cut. But hopefully I will be able to write in my free time so we don't have to skip any! Do to me being busy you will have to wait till next week for another Style 101 sad right? But fear not! I'm here to write a review on new store outfits Yippy! 

Princess Yasmin Review: Grade: A : It took a little while for this look to grow on me.. I did not like it at first but the more you see something the more you seem to like it. Or is that just me? Well haha lets go on with it I really appreciate the hair I feel like it really compliments the style its not an awkward hair it has  a fantastic middle part, but i feel like adding a ponytail on the bottom was a bit ridiculous and not needed. It took me a little while to get used to the top piece of this shirt I have not seen a chest piece on a shirt quite like this so I was really taken aback. But like I said it grew on me! XD Its a beautiful top <3. My whole life i have always loved mermaids but i have always hated mermaid style dresses or skirts. I feel like they are awkward and well not very pretty. The skirt does compliment the look but it is not my favorite at all! Shoes.. Yes! fun, free and stylish.

Princess Alice Review: Grade : B- : When i think of little kids being princesses this is the exact outfit I have in my mind! I feel like its meant for a toddler! The hair is a loose flow but they ruined it with the bow I feel.. Its to close to the forehead and is very unrealistic. The dress and skirt; I don't mind the top part of the dress at all infact i enjoy it very much its when they add a high waisted fluffy skirt when you ruin it if it was a little less fluffy I would have enjoyed this dress very much! Now when you add men slacks to a toddlers dream flats you get these ugly things.. Enough said!

Prince Ali Review: Grade: C : I feel like with this whole outfit they tried to much.. They could have made it better and simple then put more thought into some Sexy and free hair. A perfect match. I'm not even gonna go over the hair I've already explained awkward hair on wzw. We might as well put the pants and torso together since they are exactly the same! Again to much clothing I like where they were going with the pants at first but the cloth belt was to much. and so was the neck thingy! haha Now to the shoes. Come on guys can wear anklets too! I feel like this outfit does not blend well with the Princesses Yasmin outfit! Not impressed.

Prince Loony Review: Grade: F : UGHHH! WHY WOOZWORLD WHY!! I cant describe my hatred for this outfit.. This is where no effort or creativity gets you! Loony? more like old fashioned. Not only are these pieces awkward and not in with today's style. They are irrelevant! What does this have to do with Alice? or any other fairy tale? Sure there is always that one boring guy in fairy tale movies that wears this exact boring outfit but what about the Mad hatter??!! I'm not even going over this failure of a outfit sorry to rant!

Don't forget to check out the other outfits released! In my opinion these are way better then the main outfits!