02 July 2016

I'm back! + Gradients 101

Hello, lovely reader. It's me, James. A few things have happened since i've left:

1.) I have a new account. You can add @LincolnWoooz on woozworld.
2.) I've learned a lot of new editing techniques that i'm eager to share with you guys.
3.) I have a youtube channel in which I post speed-edits: My Channel

That's a synopsis of what has happened since my "break". Now into the tutorial:
I'll be talking about gradients!

The first gradient is called the "linear" gradient 
The second is called the "circular"-or radial- gradient
How to use them!
To use these gradients you'll need to have a basic understanding of the marquee tool. The marquee tool is a tool that draws out a shape in marching ants. These marching ants serve as a border to confine the gradient into said shape. Here's an example:
Now you can contain these in various shapes, it's all up to imagination. 
So blending gradients is actually REALLY simple. All you have to do is go into your filter file:
And select "Gaussian blur"
And this is what you're left with! Feel free to apply any of the blurs to your image in any way you feel suitable.

Until tomorrow, Lovely reader.