09 July 2016

🎤 WNS 2016 IS HERE! 🎤

NOTE: Sorry for not posting in the past days! I went on a trip in Pennsylvania to visit some family for 4 days, and I couldn't bring my laptop. When we came back our internet went down. Sorry for the inconvinience. 

Hey, guys! AnimeLegend here. And as you may have noticed, WNS is back on Woozworld. And this year, they will be having 2 contests!

- The first contest is between the 4 music labels
- The second contest is between Woozens

For the first contest, all you have to do is vote for your favorite music label! Every member of the Woozband has a music label and its very own superstar

- Mya's label is called Diamond In The Wooz; she works with Jaynelle Woozae (spinoff from Janelle Monae)
- Max's label is called Mixzit!; he works with Skrillooz (spinoff from Skrillex)
- Jenny's label is called IndiZ; we don't know who she works with yet
- Jay's label is called BeatZ; we don't know who he works with yet

Here are some pictures of the two stars we met so far!

 Jaynelle Woozae                                  Skrillooz

And for the second contest, the details will be released on July 15th. All we know is that each label will be holding a young talent contest, where you will be able to show your singing talent. You can get the chance to be signed to one of the labels, and even maybe get the chance to become one of Woozworld's Next Superstars!

Thanks for reading this post! I'll get updated with more news about WNS! See you next time!