28 July 2016


Hey guys! It's Anime Wooz, just a quick update on something.

You probably noticed that on Woozworld, there's something who changed. You can see what I mean by looking at this picture:

I changed skin AND color codes. I got a PM from someone asking me what happened to me, so let me explain.

So, all of you probably know how Woozworld is about expressing yourself in fashion and stuff. And ever since color codes became popular, I decided to do it too. I started saving for rares, but they were light blue, although my favorite color is YELLOW.

After a certain time, I really wanted to change color codes. So I sold and traded all of my clothes, and now here I am!

I also changed skin tones to show that I'm black and proud!

So yes, this is why I changed my whole avatar on Woozworld. You can stop being confused now.

See you next time!