25 July 2016

WNS: Part 2

Hey guys! Before you start reading, I just want to say that I was visiting New York City so I didn't get the chance to post the update on WNS, sorry about that.

If you've been on Woozworld, two things have happened so far:
- The two other stars have been revealed
- The contest between other woozens has been revealed

Let's start with the two other stars! For Jenny's label (IndiZ), the labelled star is Myan Zalik, who is a spinoff of Zayn Malik! And for Jay's label, (BeatZ), the labelled star is Maxxi Minaz, who is a spinoff of Nicki Minaj!

Here are some pictures of our two stars:
Maxxi Minaz
Myan Zalik

For the second contest, you will get some quests in your quest journal explaining the rules. Basically, you will get the chance to join one of the four labels and you have to write your own song. You can submit your lyrics by clicking on the blue enlist podz at Central Plaza. Make sure to read the rules before entering!

And that's all for now, but I will be updating you guys soon on the latest WNS news!

See you around!