02 July 2016

Unitz Design Tutorial

Hey guys! It's Amy here. I'm going to be showing you how to create a bedroom in Woozworld!

1. Use a suitable Unitz. I think the best unitz for bedrooms are the Lib Street Room, Lib Street Lounge, Lib Street Yard and Lib Street Park.

2. Now it's not a bedroom without a bed, is it? You can buy cute beds from Shopz or Marketplace. Put it close to a corner of your room but not the exact corner. Leave some space on either side for a bedside table, a rug, etc.

3. Place a coffe table beside your bed. It looks neater, doesn't it?

4.  Now put in a rug. It can be in the middle of the room or beside your bed. I used six "Striped Carpets" to form a bigger rug.

5. Now put in a desk! For your own personal needs. Include a laptop and maybe a bookshelf?

6. Add one or two sofas for those visits from your friends. Make sure they look very classy xD    You can put in another coffee table just to decorate.

7. Now you can just start decorating however you like. Put some paintings on the wall, paint the wall and floors a different colour, anything! Be original!

I hope this inspires and helps you to create your own bedroom of your dreams x)