13 December 2015

Blog Mas - Friendship

4 months ago I met Keila at a racist woozens unitz. She pced me grinning her up, and we started talking. Everyday we talked and talked. We went everywhere with eachother ( when she wasn't on brb ) Than we because friends. I remember she wanted something from shopz and I gifted her it. But, I knew out of kindness I gave her something else. One day, she stuck up for me, she helped me. And we became bestfriends. I just quit, she texted me and she was so upset. When I came back it was sunshine and rainbowssss hehe. She is my bestie! I'll come after u -.- if you hurt her.

Keila is the nicest person you will ever meet. This girl ( I won't say her name ) she called her a rude names. Keila had done everything nice for her. But, Keila kept her cool. Keila you are my bestfriend and I will never hurt you :D. Happy 4 months of friendship! :D