12 December 2015

Introducing Blog Mas!

Hello guys, it's kpkeila with a special post. A wonderful idea by @StarLightForever! Starting December 12th, we will be doing BLOG-MAS!

Blog Mas includes a ton of Christmas posts from December 12th until December 25th (Christmas Day!)
From December 12th until December 20th, we will be doing Woozworld related Blogmas posts, and
From December 20th until December 25th, we will be doing Blogmas posts that will help you out in real life!
The only rule is, if you are a Woozworld blogger, you must tag one other Woozworld blog to participate in Blog Mas! Since we are Collabing with MeganCarrie, I tag MeganCarrie of Our Woozworld to participate in Blog Mas!

BlogMas Officially starts today, December 12th, but we'll start beginning tommorow. And don't forget to check out or collab partner, StarLightForever's blog and thank her for the BlogMas idea!

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!