26 December 2015

How to Be Rich and Successful in Woozworld

Hey guys! Hope you had a great WoozMas! Anyways, this a question a lot of people wonder. How do you get rich on Woozworld? These are some tips from me and other woozens around Woozworld.

1. Make a GOOD shop!
This is a pretty common sense one for everyone, but it's true! If you have a successful shop, take Artur113 or redskirt for example, you can get very rich! However there are some tips to make your shop more successful than others. Here are some tips:

  •  Name your pods; nobody wants to look through sort through a ton of mods to buy stuff! If you just seperste furniture from female hair to boy clothes. People are more likely to buy your stuff.
  •  Don't put "I lower" in your title: this one is pretty self explanatory. If you put I lower in your title, nobody is going to buy it for the price you valued. Instead, negotiate a price if they ask.
  •  Make your shop pretty! - people are more likely to buy stuff in your shop if it has a name, a theme, and looks pretty! Right?

2. Trade wisely!
This is a big one folks. Trade wisely! I know a ton of people who had tons of money but are always getting scammed and never learn! Trade wisely. I didn't trade at all for a little, but I do trade here and there and get really good deals!

3. When Holding Events, Tell People to Vote
Especially do this if your event is at the end of the day. I know if I'm on Woozworld late, and i'm at an event where they ask for votes, I'm going to give them all of my votes because I know I'm going to get more votes soon.

4. Wait for Items to Become Rare
This is a HUGE mistake I made. When I first got the doll face, I sold it for 15,000 beex. Now, doll faces sell for up to 100,000+ beex! I wish I would have waited to sell it, then I could've made alot more beex! This goes for Store items especially. Keep them colorable if you know you want to make alot of beex, then sell them after a long period of time.

5. Be Friendly!
You definitely won't become successful if everyone hates you! There are other ways to get attention, and DRAMA is not the way to get it. Instead, you could be like 911Swag and make a successful unitz like Swift High, then you'll become successful because you're nice, and being nice makes people want to buy overpriced stuff from you!

Thats all for today! Share your tips in the comments and I'll include good ones into this post!