20 December 2015

Woozworld Designing Basics

Hiya guys... It's Dianemiggiecel here (soory this post is not a top 3 post which i traditionally do but.. This is also a useful one)
Do you have a fashion suggestion which do you think is fab for woozworld but you still don't know how to share it?? Well... You can make a design with your ideas and share it to woozworld.
But the question is how?
So i am here to share my basics about designing.
There are two acceptable ways to make and submit a design for woozworld. The "digital method" and the "paper and pencil method." In the digital method, you can design an outfit digitally using a photo manipulation software... And in the paper and pencil method is the traditional method. Where you draw your design in a sheet of clean paper.

Interested in digital method?
Here is what you need in making a design using this method : a photo editing software (example is photoshop (the paid one) and GIMP (the free one)) , the official woozworld template (can be seen in the woozworld blog) and editing skills. (You don't need to be professional in photo editing... All you need is to be familiarized in the functions of each tool.) A digitizer tablet is optional (you don't need to have it but if you have... It will be better.)..
Want the "paper and pencil method"?
All you need is a clean piece of paper (i use a big sketch pad which my math teacher gave me but i haven't started yet) coloring materials (for lighter designs, a colored pencil is recommended but for a dark themed one... I recommend oil pastels instead. Also you need an official woozworld template (can be seen on the woozworld blog)... 
I am done with my design, how can i submit it to wzw?
You can email it to fashion@woozworld.com (better google it or check it because this email is maybe outdated or something is wrong about me.), send it to woozworld's official social media (facebook: woozworld, instagram: @woozworld), or if there is a design contest... You can enter it there.
Hope this helps :)