18 December 2015

Star Wars Quiz Answers

Hey guys C:
I have a few things to post about but i will keep them spaced out. And i am now an official blogger xD so i will have a post about myself some time soon.
So as you know (well you mightn't but oh well) the new Star Wars movie "The Force Awakens" has been released and is a big hit. Well woozworld has created a Star Wars quest which Mya said at her late night show will only be here for the weekend. Here are the answers:
1. George Lucas
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Harrison Ford
4. Yoda
5. 7
6. 1999
7. light saber
8. 1977
9. tatooine
10. the force awakens

C: everyone who completes gets an achievement and 2 hairs
if you are a girl the hairs are  Legendary bun and poofy buns (my fav)

As you see there is also a section in shopz called star wooz. I'll post about this another time when i post about the new store outfits!

Best Of Luck With The Star Wars Quest