13 December 2015

Blogmas : Gifts!!

Heyy Guys... it's Dianemiggiecel here for new top 3 (BlogMas edition)

have you ever became confused on what to gift tp your family member or to a friend?? Does a time came when you literally have no idea on what to give??... well, here are my top 3 tips to make the best Gift this Christmas.

1. Know The Profile of the receiver - If you really know his/her identity, it is very easy to know what kind of gift he/she expected to receive. If you didn't know yet who is your recipient.. (example is the Christmas parties in schools) That is a very tough struggle. Yet, this tip is not for you.

2. Make The Best Out Of the Budget. - all of us have struggles when it comes to money. So here are my 2 sub-tips to fit your budget for the best gift.
                  • Find a shop which offers the cheapest amount of the thing you want to buy.
                   • Search For a Christmas sale. Sometimes, the best gift ideas are found there. There are classmates of mine that demands an item which they know that it's company will put a Christmas discount over it... and it is Wow.

3. put yourself in your gift - not literally you wrap yourself and give yourself to others. Make it personal. make your recipient think that it is from you so they won't forget you over the years. Make sure there is an identity of you in your gifts For example: Your friend wants a stuffed toy for Christmas, After you bought one... Don't Just Wrap it up like whatever, try to modify that item, try to redesign it to make it personalized. Then you can wrap it with love.

so here are my top 3 tips for a best gift this Christmas.

Hope this one helps