13 December 2015

Woozworld Highlights

hey guys... it's been a long time since my last blog post huh??

the reason is that i lack on topics to share to you guys

well speaking of topics, let's review the highlights in woozworld timeline....

WNTM - well, many woozens participated in this event... there are many woozens enjoyed this... the modelings, being the talk of the town, being 'wow'ed by different modeling agencies and appreciating fanz. This is a successful event made by woozworld in the fashion field.

The Closet - this is a big change to woozworld fashionistas and fashionistos (is that even a word?) who loves to mix and match their clothes to make a stunning outfit... maybe this function has many bugs like some clothes won't show and some colorable clothes before the update (is it only me or you can feel it too?) overall.. it's the best

Woozmas - Merry Christmas woozens!! woozmas is here!! but wait.. there is a "gifts and keys" stuff there... it kinda reminds me on the lockers and the cliques. There is also Lost Joy! you need to complete quests in order to find the elf. It was fun while you are bored travelling to different woozworld unitz.. you can also complete this objectivez to get through your woozworld boredom (we all know that wzw is going to be boring but it's ok)

so there are my top 3 highlights in woozworld timeline...

want to suggest topics for my Daily top 3?? Send me a message in my instagram

that's all for today... See you tomorrow :)