22 December 2015

Christmas specials in store

So it is 2 days until Christmas (YAYY) (might be 3 for you) and woozworld has put some special woozmas specials/ discounts in store.
So for 3 selected wooz packs you get 50%  more wooz with them:

If i were to get any (i wont cause i don't have an itunes card) i would probably get the piggy bank of wooz, though it would be like $15 for me because I am in Australia.. the pot o' wooz would be $30 dollars and i dont wanna spend that much on wooz- i just watch videos to get wooz and the spin.. 

So for vip you get 25% more days but the one month vip isn't included in the offer:
It is a shame they haven't added any to the one month but oh well. . . 

For the outfits they have added new ones early: 
As you might've noticed recently, they have been mixing new outfits with old outfits. On Mya's woozin (i look at hers more frequently) i have seen hate on how they are doing this. I can understand how some people obviously just wantt only the new outfits and for outfits such as slaymas they don't necessarily want that but want the clauze one.. Anyways if I were to get anything i would either get the polkmas separately or with the wooz and other outfit.. I really like the hair XD 

Anyways that is all I have for now until next time, Cya around woozworld!