21 December 2015

Happy Holidays

Hey there guys its been a longggggggggggggggggggg time since i posted anything so im making sure and to make my mark.So its 4 more days till christmas,and woozworld voice has been stiring with new news throughout,with fashion and cookies and edits galore.there is one thing we forgot to hope for,thats right COLOUR CODES.
I completely forgot to post winter colour codes
silly me xD.
 So here is your winter colour codes:-

-All of these colours clash great with black and white -

00E2D7  Elsa Blue

00E2D7  Ice blue

2DC599  Natural Aqua

2FFDC3   Neon aqua

And here are some combinations of these colours.

Also here is some fan art,just note i gave up on making the male members of the woozband cause i suck at building guys xD
thats jenny in winter :3
Stay Fabalous,