29 December 2015

Relationship Problems With Trendsetter 1

Hey Guys and Ladies!
       It's my first post here on The Woozworld Voice, and I'm so glad to be able to help you guys with any relationship problems, I mean, everyone has them at some point right? Well, here are a few ways to tell your crush you like them, subtle or not.

1. Write A Letter And Put It Somewhere Where They Will Find It
This is easy to do and if you get rejected, you won't burst in tears! Unfortunately, by chance your crush may show this note to all his friends, even worse, the whole school! (But you wouldn't fall for a guy like that, right?)

2. Have A Close Friend Tell Him
Again, if you get rejected, you won't feel as bummed. But, if you really liked your crush, wouldn't you take the time to talk to them instead of your friend?

3. Just Do It!
In your mind you must be thinking, SAY WHAT?! But honestly, he'll appreciate how confident you are, better yet, he might be fluttering with butterflies too! You never know unless you just do it, like Nike.

Thanks for reading my first post! Comment your advice, problems or suggestions!
Signing off, Trendsetter <3