13 December 2015

Blogmas-Building Up Friendships

Yo Guys, It Star! (Creator Of Blogmas) First Things First,I Tag Social Wooz Fansite To Do Blogmas. (Please Remember To Give Credit To Me If You Decide To Do It) My Topic Is...Building Up Friendships!You Always Need Friends By Your side On Christmas!


1- Make Sure To Go To A Right Untiz


2- Talk To Other Woozens

Example: You: Hi!

Them: Hi <--- (It Should Be That)

3- Introduce Yourself!

Example: You: Im ___ <--- (Your Name)

Them: Im ____ <--- (Their Name)

4- Hang Out!

Example: You And Them: (Hanging Out At Your House,Yeti Bux,Etc)

5- Tell Them To Join You For Christmas ;)


 You: Want To Hang Out On Christmas?

Them: (Yes Or No)

6- Enjoy Time!

Extra: Enjoy Yourself.Be Nice and Friendly. Your New Friend May Have Ups And Downs But Don't Judge Them. Just Go With The Flow.

I Hope You Take This As Extra Advice! See You Tomorrow For Blogmas -Starlightforever