03 June 2013

Arguments! :3

Hai guys!

 Its me, PandaBunnyluv and I'm on trial! :o Anyways, I have some news for all of you! It has recently happened a few minutes ago. Its between Glitz7, MyaWooz, and other folks!

This recent event currently has 63 comments. Glitz7 has posted a picture which I will show you below.
    MyaWooz soon after decides to comment on Glitz7 posts saying:
"Mermaidz and Piratez are joined together! Crazy! ;)" She later removes this comment because of an argument. :o
This argument was between the following:
I believe this argument revolves around how people think Glitz7 is a bully or how MyaWooz is a bully. I also think this argument is about fame and how MyaWooz chooses favorites :P
I honestly don't know how to describe this argument but its still going on strong u.u
I'll update you later, guys!! Baii!! :)
                                                     -PandaBunnyluv,Trial Blogger <3