13 June 2013

Updated in WzW!

Hey hey guys! Its meh, Pandabunnyluv, Your trial blogger! <3 Have you checked out the Woozworld Homepage? Well, it has been updated! Its really cool! I'll give you guys a picture!:
                                 Yep, this is the new update! There are now tabs! The special tabs are: WoozNews, Woozband, Starz, Eventz, Contests, Tutorials, and Help. There is also a tab for famous blogs. This tab is called WoozFanz. They call this "Woozworld Fan Sites"! Sadly, were not on the list :( The blogs that are on this specific page are: TVWooz, WoozworldDeadline, and WoozworldCraze. That's the usual! Although, I do hope they put more blogs on there. Anyways, ill be feeding you guys with info later! Kay kayz, baii!! <3
                                                                                    -PandaBunnyluv, Trial Blogger <3