08 June 2013

Mermaids vs. Pirates?!

Hey peeps! It's me xoxobubblegum! So i went on ww this morning and i saw this:
So i decided to make a post on it!
So for the mermaid vs. pirates... You can buy the outfits on Woozworld! For the girls, they have a myawooz sassy pirate oufit!

And a jennywooz mermaid princess outfit!

The boys' outfits were kind of weird because i guess jaywooz has gone bearded and maxwooz looks like some alien for the black lagoon. But, anyways here are their outfits!

jaywooz's Black Beard outfit...

And maxwooz's Tritan Guard outfit thingy i guess...

So i hope you liked this post! Feel free to comment with any post suggestions or something... So yeah! Bye!!!
Peace, love, Sassy Pirates, Mermaid Princesses, Black Beards and Triton Guards!  <3 xoxobubblegum