04 June 2013

Rumor Suffer! :o

Hey there, guys! Its meh, PandaBunnyluv (still on trial! :D)! I'm here to tell you about something serious going on! It does include another blog which is Woozworld Deadline. This is actually between civicprincess39 and civicprincess49. Heres what happened:
                                On Woozworld Deadline, there was a picture that was explaining what the fake civicprincess49 did(which is civicprincess39). The picture had said that civicprincess49 hacked The Woozworld Deadline! :o Recently today,  civicprincess49 was complaining on her WoozIn.Here are some pics of her WoozIn posts...:

           I honestly feel really bad for civicprincess49! I mean, shes so nice and innocent! Civicprincess39 is impersonating her and taking advantage of her by using her name! It isn't really fair!
      That's all for now guys! I'll update you later! Peace! <3

                                                                                           -PandaBunnyluv, Trial Blogger <3