05 June 2013

TBH(new icon)

hello guys i wanna start off by saying that in this blog in every single post of mine if i do a (tbh) it  means tbh which is a lesson you guys should learn so don't get comfortable this wont take so long (;


to be honest guys whenever someone trades you like 99.99 times and your sick and tired off it leave or block your trade cuz trust me every time that happens you say STOP! they  keep going and you feel you should knock her/ he out i know how it feels


well the lesson was that if someone is bothering 24 seven  i hope you guys  get that if its still  happening and there like following you everywhere report them that's called a "STALKER" and i know how that feels it feels like your being watch by a person you randomly don't  know xD  ok


Stalker- a random stranger following you and watching your every move without you knowing.
random(ly)- Something that happens out of the blue.

anyways have a awesome summer! :)

                                                           jessc53534 eating all your cookies and all the cookies in the world!

again dont copy me =-= bye