09 June 2013

LatinLover00 Quit!

Hey guys! PandaBunnyluv here! Sorry I haven't been posting! I take care of my nephew every two weeks. Anyways, I have some news for you guys! Its about Latinlover00 and his loss! So, this is what his status says:

"So sorry guys im extremely Busy working in yogi movie - dont get mad if i cant answer your messages or pc,this project its very time consuming for all The Ducky Team - Thanks

Do you guys remember the Prom thing? Well, since he didn't win he decided to quit! He didn't want to humiliate himself in front of a lot of woozens! But, hes apparently wrong! Hes embarassing himself by not facing the fact that he clearly, LOST! Sorry, Latinlover00 but, your plans always backfire!

                                                                          ~PandaBunnyluv, Trial Blogger <3