05 June 2013


Did you guys know we have been popular a blog?
We have gotten higher and higher every week!
We're not just getting tthe views! We are ALL work
really hard to get the views. We're not just
getting lucky. We do LOTS of things from waiting in long queues just to say the name of our blog or having someone share a post with us saying the blog's name in it. So here is the main
question fans have been messaging
me on woozworld about.

How Do You Guys Get So Organized?

1.) Answer: We put it into practice! That's why we have an owner!

Where Do You Guys Get Your Ideas From?

2.) Answer: There's not only one person that thinks of the ideas. Many of us has to think in order to make our blog outstanding!

How Do You Guys Blog?

3.) Snswer: We blog by feeling and something that not's really boring or long , so we try to make it just right for the fans/viewers. Our blog is also hosted by Blogger(.com)

Thats it for now! If you have anymore questions, message me, jessc53534, on woozworld dont be lazy! It could even be problem questions! Get this-- ( the ten people that ask me a question gets 5 wooz) bye :D

\                                                  eating all the cookies and all the cookies in the world!

(dont copy my post =-= ya i know who you are =-=!!!!!!)