12 June 2013

hey lovie dovies i decided if you want me to make a logo for you
click here and it will take you to the form okay so  the first two people
that enter first gets there logo today! and the people that sighn in at 2:00
probbaly get theres at 6:00p.m. CX dont get mad at me and  the poeple that sighn up at 5:00 get theres tommorrow you know what here

people that  make that sighn up at
1:00-3:00 get theres today

people that sighn up
4:00-6:00 gets theres today

people that do it at
7:00-10:00 tommorrow

thats the scheduel

ok thats it once again

 click here!

if you want a logo just fill in that ! okay im gonna make my logo after
 till june 12- june 20 okay if any questions message me !

jessc53534 eating all the cookies and all the cookies in the world! bye!!!!!