09 June 2013

I almost quit...

Hey guys it's Bethy Beth bringing you the best!! <3

Well, today i'm gonna tell you the story of how I almost quit..

It's started late last month when my dad bought me an Iphone 5 :D

instead of being on Woozworld, I'd just sit there and be on my phone, all day long..

Then My Woozworld Bestie, Danielle, she wasn't coming online, and There's only two reasons I come on Woozworld, One is to fine stuff to post for you guys and two is to see her :3

But then, i guess we had a little fallout over me not putting her name in my status, because I AM in hers :/

But she was in my status, then she stopped coming online so then I was like.. "Da french fry?"

but, Ya know, then i sent her this looong message, and she didn't reply, so then... yesterday I was like.. "Hey everybody, I thing i'm gonna quit :/"

But I worked so hard on my Woozen, so I'm not going to!<3

sorry for the Long post :/ <3