12 June 2013

Crazy July!

Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger! Well I'm using the blogger app again. Lazy, lazy me. XP Well as you probably saw on my mobile post I told you guys about an up coming trip. Back story time....... Ok so 13 years ago my dad came on a small boat (with a hole in it, my dad had to take water out of the boat every 5 seconds) from Cuba (which is the island under Florida, I was born in Miami BTW) to Miami. Cuba is governed by Fidel and Raul Castro, they are communist people. ( BIG MEANIES) So my dad came here for a better life which is why most immigrants come to the USA.  He came here ''Illegally'' ( Communist rules) so he couldn't go back until they made a new law which they made this year!!!! XD So for the first time in 13 years my dad is going to see his family and friends again!! :') That is why this is such an important trip for my family and I. 
The dates: July 10th we leave for Miami.
We stay in Miami for I think 5 days (I'll be able to post on my cell or using my aunt's computer.) 
July 15th we leave to Cuba where they don't have internet, plus it's a very important trip so I won't be blogging. Then we leave Cuba on the 4th, stay in Miami on the 5th, and come back home on the 6th. I will probably blog on the sixth. That's all the info, if you have any questions comment below, contact me on Woozworld, or send me an email at thewoozworlddotspot@gmail.com 
So sorry for the history lesson and back story. <3 u guys and I didn't want you guys to think I died. XD Outz! I'm not gone yet but I already miss you!