03 June 2013

My bus caught fire!!!

(Blog Owner's Note - We at The Woozworld Voice post frequently to keep all of our visitors happy. This post was marked as irrelevant as it does not involve Woozworld, but since the case was so severe, we decided to keep the post. Enjoy the post as it is and thank you for your patience.)

Hey guys its xoxobubblegum! OK so something really scary happened. As you know (or you know now) that I live in Canada and these kindergarten kids at my school were gonna have an field trip but while they were in their class getting ready, the engine of the bus caught FIRE!!! It was so scary and the smoke was like black. So we had a fire drill and in the end we ended up walking to the church by my school because of the smoke. The fire department had to use like these special tools or whatever because the metal on the bus engine was like something that could catch fire again after water being on it. So then they cleared the smoke out of the school and yeah... We were at the church for like 4 hours. Then we went back to school and and watched a movie. But seriously guys it was so freaking scary!! Anyways ta ta for now!
Peace, love, buses on fire, <3 xoxobubblegum