10 June 2013

What Your Lipstick Says About You

Heyy guys... I was just looking around wzw and I noticed how before every girl I looked at spoke, I could tell by the color of their lipstick what they were going to be like. Today i'm going to share with you my "color" skills -
 Purple Lipstick
Purple lipstick tells everyone that you want to be "cool" but different and seperated from the crowd at the same time. Most dirty minded people on Woozworld (cough, cough, such as myself) have the color purple for lipstick. Alot of purple lipstick users are fond/ known to keep quite alot of secrets.
White Lipstick 
The sad truth about white lipstick is that most of woozens who wear white lipstick just want to fit in, and be popular. They can't usually be themselves. About 1/3 of them are insecure. Another trait about White lipstick users is that they usually REALLY want boyfriends and always complain that they are single.
Pink Lipstick
I think Pink lipstick is pretty much the best one. It practically yells out to everyone, "Hey! I'm a OUTGOING girl! But i'll be your friend to t he very end and stick up for ya' if it meant the world!" A lot of pink lipstick users have are single, but they are great friends. Pink lipstick tells a lot to a guy for a girly color. You're one of the best out of all of your friends.

Black Lipstick:
It doesn't necessarily mean you're emo, it just means that you are having a moment of silence in your life and you DESPERATELY WANT A GUY! It also means you're scared to show your emotions.

Don't see your color? Don't worry. These are just the very common ones.
Got offended? Don't worry!!! These don't fit for EVERYONE.

Thats it. BTW, Don't forget Camp Saya!
- kpkeila