09 June 2013

Feel Week

Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger! Well I've decided to do a Feel Week. Well a Feel Week is a week where I dress up like a new Woozen or what most of Woozworld calls new Woozens ''Poor.'' I've decided to do this so I can find out how it feels to be bullied because of there appearence.  It doesn't feel good. Some people play Woozworld to get away from the bullying in real life. Behind the screen no one knows what they look like so they can't be bullied but it turns out your still being bullied because of what you look like on a Virtual Game. So are you going to join the Feel Week?

Rules: 1. You can't change into a very ''Rich'' outfit. 

            2. Pick only one outfit to wear, and stick with it.
            3. No make-up or mustaches.
            4. No saying ''I'm actually rich!'' or ''I'm soo poor and ugly!''
            5. Be normal and nice and don't bully!
            6. If you have a tattoo or more than one, try wearing a not so noticeable one.
            Feel Week starts on June 9th, 2013 Monday.
Note: I actually got scammed while I was trading, but they didn't take ALL my stuff.
Send me a picture of your Feel Week Outfit and what you think about Feel Week on the form below or comment! Outz! XD
My Feel Week Outfit:  Clapping Hello Kitty animated emoticon