05 March 2016

Another new trial Blogger

Well hello people of woozworld. I'm Chrisi a new trial blogger/ editor for the lovely site you are currently looking at. I'm so excited to be participating in this! I have
Plenty of ideas (mostly how to do things in wzw such as get a bf, great units, and etc) If you have any ideas just comment them below and I'm
Sure to take them into account!
So I guess I'll tell you some more about myself. I have been playing woozworld for a year, and I'm not "rich" per say. I like to think of myself as middle class in woozworld. I understand being a new person and it is intimidating that is why my favorite phrase is "Remember there is someone sitting behind the screen." I am in a relationship yet feel forever alone.
Ok so anyways I would love to know what you think
So until next time Remember someone is behind that screen xoxo