19 March 2016

Trial Blogger!

Hey Itz Andrea (that pun), I'm a new trial blogger for The Woozworld Voice.

I'd like to say what I'd be doing and posting if I became a member, but I have no clue! I come across very funny and ridiculous things everyday when I'm online and was thinking of doing the "humor" section of the blog, but again, I don't know.

So let me give you a few facts about myself!

-I'm Australian and Guatemalan. (Look it up!)

-I love making edits! It's pretty much the only thing I'm good at. Well, I hope I am.

-I've spent a total of almost 6 years on Woozworld.

-It's really hard for me to get genuinely sad or angry, I'm a very optimistic person.  (You should be too!)

Bye Itz Andrea! (Im sorry for those horrendous jokes, I'll think of a better sign off thing.)