17 March 2016

Mysterious Quest (UPDATED)

Hello fellow followers,

I logged into Woozworld today, and found this new quest message, it wasn't any ordinary quest message though. It was a weird and strange one.

The message reads "A mysterious, long-eared creature has left you a message..."

Once you click on "Open Quests," It will open the Quest Journal as usual, and it gives a really weird message.

First of all, the name of the "quest," doesn't make any sense at all "OmEGGaz." What does that even mean?!

Second, The mission's description is not even clear! Like, where and what is this 27 10'35.4 S 109 24'22.7 W place supposed to be?! I get that they're coordinates, but you can't read coordinates in Woozworld!

Third, when Woozworld put this up, it's March 17th, 2016. The mission's description says to go to 27 10'35.4 S 109 24'22.7 W on March 18th. Is this a mistake?

Fourth, according to the pictures included with the quest's opening, this "mysterious creature" that we're supposed to meet is a rabbit/bunny/hare. (Not quite sure which one.) And his name is T-XVI.

Conclusion: I think that OmEGGaz is possibly the name of the mysterious creature, and that he's evil because of his eyes and his looks. I also think that Woozworld will most probably provide us with more information tomorrow to update us with this mysterious quest.

UPDATE #1: (5:46 AM WoozTime)

I spent some time trying to figure out this mystery. I googled the coordinates ( 27 10'35.4 S 109 24'22.7 W) and I figures it out!

Apparently, the coordinates belong to a place called "Ahu Vinapú" a historical monument located in Easter Island, Chile.

Easter Island's location on Earth

Ahu Vinapú's location on Easter Island

Ahu Vinapú
This all makes sense now!
JennyWooz = Australia
JayWooz = Germany
MyaWooz = France
MaxWooz = Japan

OmEGGaz = Chile!

OmEGGaz is most probably an evil Easter bunny that will try and ruin Easter in Woozworld, that we'll have to fight to get rid of him.

UPDATE #1 Conclusion; Woozworld will probably add an Ahu Vinapú unitz later today (March 18th, 2016) that we will have to visit and meet OmEGGaz in, and continue the rest of the quest from.