21 March 2016

New Trial Blogger

Hello, fellow readers! I'm AnimeLegend. I will be a new trial blogger at the Woozworld Voice! I applied to do posts about Woozworld Events, such as stuff like WNS and Quiz Answers! So you will see me post stuff like those mostly.

For my first post, you guys will get to know more about me! So, here are a few things about myself:

- I am Canadian, but my parents come from the Republic Democratric of Congo

- I really like using computers. I want to work with computers and/or technology when I grow up!

- Including my other accounts, I've been on Woozworld for 3 years

- My favorite color is yellow, but yellow clothes don't really look good on Woozworld to be honest, that's why I have a different color code.

-  June is my middle name; in my language, my real name means joy.

Stay super!