05 March 2016

Unitz Designing Tips & Tricks

Have you ever tried to design a unitz but failed miserably? Have you tried reading tricks & tips but still failed miserably? If so, then this you're in the right place!

In this post, you will find all you need to know to design a really good looking unitz!

So without any further due, lets get straight into it!

1. Originality.

This is the most important thing about designing a unit, it needs to be original.
If you want to be successful in designing a unitz, you can't just copy someone else's unitz deisgn. You have to keep it original.

2. Idea Hunter.

You can search for other unitz that have a similar idea of the unitz you're designing.

Example: you are designing a restaurant unitz, you want to look for ideas. You search for other restaurant unitz and apply a similar idea to your restaurant unitz so that it doesn't affect the originality factor.

3. Realism.

This factor is probably the easiest factor and that will make your unitz look much better!

Lets get back to the previous example: you are designing a restaurant unitz, you go to Google Images, and search: "restaurant." You see what furniture is in the picture, and apply it to your unitz.

4. Examples.

Now, I wouldn't say that I'm any good in unitz designing, but, I'm not that bad at it either.

So here are some examples of a realistic unitz that I tried designing 3 years ago.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place Restaurant
    In this picture, "Before" is as in the real life place.
  • Woozcarz Stage:
2 different unitz, one of which I designed in 2012, and one of which I designed in 2016.

I'll leave you with some of my best designed unitz :)

  • Golden Game Show

  • Comicz Club

  • Christmas Living Room

Hope this post helped! :) If you have any question feel free to message me on Woozworld, my name is zak110.