13 March 2016

Hide and Seek!

Hey guys, this is Audrey, also known as Smartsassygirl. I'm a new blogger here on The Woozworld Voice, and I'm excited to be here.

I've recently noticed in the Top Unitz and Hot Now, there are hide and seek games! Now, I joined around 2013 when they were still popular, and I was so upset when I couldn't find them where people were actually playing. I started some of my own, but I quit later on because nobody came. I wondered why, because I was too busy with school when hide and seek games stopped.
Now, it's 2016, and they're back! Today, I found out why they stopped. I decided to go play some hide and seek, since it's been so long since I have. People were so happy to play, and so was I. We hid until the owner came back to try and find us, and bam, one of us were voted. They came out of their hiding spot and started complaining. I came out as well. Soon, everyone came out. We decided whoever didn't get voted was the person voting, but everyone got voted. We all started getting mysterious pc messages. I read one and it said "I'm a ghost". I jumped to the conclusion that someone was using an invisibility cloak, yet they're pretty much never sold. I shouted what I read into the chat. Some people started leaving, because it's never fun when someone is cheating. I almost left too, but the owner started taking out the ancient tall columns, and we found the person who was pcing us behind one! We couldn't kick them, but we raged. I soon left.
After this, I had an idea of "Blocked Voting" where nobody can see that you're being voted, except for you when you get the beex. This idea was primarily for hide and seek games, it really couldn't come in handy in any other circumstance. I still believe it's a good idea, but I'm not sure. Maybe Woozworld will add that someday. Until then, I will host hide and seeks rather than play.

Thank you for reading my article!
-Audrey AKA Smartsassygirl