03 March 2016

Spring break outfits in the store

Hey guys! It's Amahix here with another post.Srry that I have not posted in a while I have been very busy. Anyway,Today I will show you the new spring outfits in the store. Every month we get new outfits. Mya does a good job designing the outfits. Here are the new outfits: 

Here are all the new spring outfits in the store right now. 

The spring break hairstyles/ tops are really popular right now in woozworld.( those are all $1.99 

The next ones are spring break bottoms. They are also really popular and pretty. If you want to be a princess then you can wear these bottomes. ($1.99) 

The revel dress- I love it, I want it. If you also want to be a princess then go buy this dress it will look beautiful you.($5.99)

I hope you guys liked these outfits if you did you can go buy them in the store right not for a limited time only. So hurry up and go buy them. I'll see you next time with another post. 

Love you guys xoxo -Amahix