08 March 2016

Make poor look rich

Hello people it’s Chrisi here. I just wanted to bring a new idea to the plate so to speak. I am almost positive this article has never been done before so, without further ado: How to look good in woozworld whilst wearing “poor” clothes!

In woozworld there are rare clothes such as: Tat sandals, esq. face, doll face, snapdragon sweater and pascal jeans. Then there is rich clothes such as: spar hair, dolloween face, excitement face, ms romance glam hair, wns pop shorts, and etc. However then there are woozens that completely go against these trends and wear their own style. I love when woozens do this; it proves they don’t care about what others think about them, that they are confident in themselves. For example:

This is a great way to express yourself if you don’t have rich or rare clothes! Just have a cute color code or mix and match style and you’re set. You honestly don’t need rich clothes to have fun. Play around with different outfits even if they have poor articles of clothing in them. Just be confident in what you wear.
Just remember someone is behind that screen, xoxo ~