11 March 2016

New Vacation Outfits -RATINGS-

Hey guys, Lavv here! So if you have gone into the store lately we have some new outfits! As someone posted yesterday. Today I'm going to rate them!

For Vip Ziggy this outfit is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, but as we all know everything have flaws.. sadly. In this case the hair parting on the side is a cut back too much but still looks beautiful! I give this outfit a 10/10.
For Vip Diosa the outfit reminds me of what you would wear if you were going to the beach just to walk along the water during the sunset. Everything about this outfit I love but the hair I don't love the hair as much as the outfit so I give this outfit a 9/10.

Vip Zephyr I feel like could've been a little less casual. The hair looks great I give this outfit a 9.5/10.
For Vip Costa I would say that it captures the summer them perfectly but I dislike how the shorts are rolled up and have the little rip it just isn't something I would want to wear on my woozen if I was a guy. I give the outfit a 8/10

Hope you liked this! Message my woozen Lavvenderz if you have any clothes you would like me to rate!