20 March 2016

Winking edit ttrl. ⊙ω⊙

I'm so sorry for the hold up in posting, honestly I am. I'm in between houses and balancing woozworld, the blog, and actual editing is kinda hard. Well, in lighter news, I'm going to be teaching you lovely readers how to do some simple hand positions, and some pretty primitive editing. Like I said in an earlier post, I'm absolutely despise hand templates. They seem unoriginal to me, and they are 'the easy way out'. For starters we have the basic winky face, one of the first edits you will ever do; I guarantee you. Well, you grab your dropper tool:
And click on your woozens face. The eye dropper should then pick up the woozens skin color. Then switch to your brush tool:
And color in one-or both!-of your woozen's eyes, making sure to leave out the top outline.
Thanks for reading, designers. Stay creative, my friends.
~James (Jamessoup).