05 March 2016

New Blogger!

Oh, Why, Hello there; My name is James AKA Jamessoup, and i'm new. I'm a graphic designer and i've had a  TON of people ask me to teach them how to edit. Well that's what i'm here for! To make the process a lot easier. So here are some popular editing softwares:

Well two of these are free, Picmonkey & Pixlr But Photoshop is the one I use. Piece of advice, DO NOT USE MOBILE APPS TO EDIT. They are the worse things to edit with. If you want to use a mobile app download one of the three softwares above. Well once you've chosen a software choose a photo to edit! Then you can get right to it. In my next post I'll talk about some common techniques for woozworld editing and a couple tips and tricks! 
Until Tomorrow,